Jewelry Maintenance

Maintain the perfect beauty longer

AMY EUJENY’s jewelries are made out of the highest jewelry with extraordinary scarcity and
esthetical value. To maintain the brilliance of the jewelry, it needs careful use and management.
Please keep the following conditions to use your jewelry in the highest quality for a long time.

How to wear your jewelry

The jewelry that makes your AMY EUJENY product is a very sophisticated piece. You need caution in wearing your jewelry under activities that might give damage to the piece.

01 / When washing your hands

Soap water can penetrate into the jewelry causing distortion of color.

02 / When using corrosive products

It can damage the stones of the jewelry

03 / When doing sports activities

Sports activities can impact and cause scratches on the jewelry.

04 / When doing layered effect

Metallic jewelries can cause scratches to each other.

05 / Exposing jewelry to heat

Rapid change of temperature can cause critical damage to the jewelry.

06 / Make-ups and using perfume while wearing the jewelry

Chemical components of the cosmetic can cause negative effects on the glossiness of the jewelry and metal.

Jewelry check-up method

You can check-up the condition of the jewelry through the following method.

Check if the setting of the stone is in place. Gently touch the stone, and check for any movement. If it moves it needs jewelry stone management service of AMY EUJENY.

Check if there are any scratches.

Check if the lock system is fully functional.

If you have questions concerning the management conditions of the jewelry, please visit any AMY EUJENY boutique. You can receive careful maintenance service from our professionals.

Strap maintenance method / gold

Wash your gold jewelry in warm water. Dry it with soft towel after washing. If your jewelry contains sophisticated settings, please receive polishing service from any AMY EUJENY boutiques.

To prevent scratches, take caution that the gold material doesn’t slide or hit to other metals. Polishing and rhodium gilding can erase scratches and return the White Gold into its genuine glossiness.

Visit AMY EUJENY boutique to receive polishing and rhodium gilding service anytime.

Jewelry maintenance method / diamond

Use warm water to wash diamond stones, dry with soft towel after washing.

Diamond is a solid jewelry that can only be scratched by other diamond. Diamonds can easily scratch other jewelry stones. Avoid wearing much jewelry at the same time. Diamond despite its solidity, is a sophisticated jewelry that can break if impact in certain areas.

Jewelry storage method

If jewelry products are kept at the same time, it can scratch one another. Please keep your jewelry separately in its own jewelry case or pouches.

Lock the chain and keep it in flat areas to prevent tangling of the chain.