Watch Maintenance

Maintain the perfect beauty longer

Amy Eujeny takes sophisticated care in the quality of its watch parts.
Proper use and management provides beauty and function longer.


Manual winding of the movement

Wind your watch every day to provide sufficient power for the movement to work efficiently for 24hours. We recommend you to wind your watch even not in use. Do not over you’re your watch when you feel any resistance. Over winding can break the main spring. Please remember that you have to stop winding when you feel resistance.

How to wind an automatic watch?

Natural movement of your arm provides power to the watch to wind. We recommend you to wear your watch every day. Automatic winding can fail if the strap is not in proper length. Please adjust the strap of your watch in the proper position to your wrist. Automatic movement requires manual winding every 3 weeks in order to prevent drying of lubricant oil. If your watch has stopped working, circle your watch several times and it will work again. The movement contains parts to absorb impact, but electric movements are sensitive to outer impact. Continuous impact from activities like golf, tennis can influence the mechanism of the watch. We recommend you not to wear the watch in doing such activities.

Water proof

What is a water proof function

It’s a function that protects the watch from dust particles and water. The rubber gasket provides the water proof function. For ultimate water resistance, we recommend you to change the gasket every 2 years. The harder the outer impact is, the easier water penetrates the watch. Air inside the watch provides pressure in order to protect the watch from outer impact. Most of AMY EUJENY’s watch have water proof function, and its indicated at the back of the case.

Management tips before contact to water

Hot water

Hot temperature can damage the gasket of the watch. Please don’t wear the watch inside Saunas, Shower, Bath rooms.

Sea water

After contact to sea water, please wash off the watch with fresh water. You can prevent salt from damaging the gasket.

Winding Crown(For applied models)

If your watch has a winding crown. Return your crown before contact to water.

Magnetic field information

Magnetic field

AMY EUJENY’s watches are designed to endure magnetic fields that can be applied from daily lives, but magnetic fields can influence the preciseness of the watch. (Smartphones, tablet PC, induction stoves, speaker system, TV and other electric appliances) Constant exposure to magnetic field can cause magnetizing of the watch.

How do magnetic fields influence AMY EUJENY watch?

If watch is placed between magnetic fields, its mechanism can accelerate or stop due to disturbance. Electric movements protect itself, but it is still more sensitive to disturbance than of quartz movements. Metal parts of electric movements such as hair spring can be magnetized making it to adhere to one another causing functional failures. Most of the functional failures caused by magnetic fields are recovered when removed from the environment. But when exposed to strong magnetic field, the influence can continue, resulting the watch to accelerate continuously.

How to protect watch from the influence of magnetic fields?

Keep the watch at least 10cm away from the object that makes magnetic field.

What to do when the watch has gone magnetic?

You can check if your watch is magnetic by placing your watch beside a compass. To recover your watch from the condition, please visit the nearest AMY EUJENY boutique with your watch. AMY EUJENY service center will help you recover your watch’s functional quality.

Watch periodical check-up

Check-up period : every 4-5 years

Water proof check-up period : every 2 years. When used under salty environment, every 1 year.

Watch Management

You can check your watch according to the following method.

01 / Watch has stopped.

Manually wind your watch
If watch doesn’t work after winding, there might be 2 reasons of failure.
If movement is impact while lubricant oil is dry, water can penetrate and damage the watch.
Overall check-up would be needed to return the watch into its normal condition.

02 / Watch moves faster than normal(or slower).

There might be 2 reasons.
The watch might have been influenced by a magnetic field or its regulator system has a problem. You need check-up service.

If movement is impact while lubricant oil is dry, water can penetrate and damage the watch. Overall check-up would be needed to return the watch into its normal condition.

03 / Water condensation appeared within the watch.

Water has penetrated within the watch. You need overall check-up.

Please take your watch to a AMY EUJENY boutique of your choice.
Your watch will be sent to our workshops for a detailed examination.

Management method / rubber strap

In order to maintain your rubber strap’s quality, please avoid the following:

Nail polish, perfume and contact to other chemical compound. (Causes distortion and smudges on rubber surface)

Long exposure to direct sunlight. (degrades the color and quality of the rubber)

We recommend you to watch your strap in soap water using a soft brush, dry it after wiping the water using soft towel. If you need to change the rubber strap, please visit the nearest AMY EUJENY boutique.

Jewelry management method / leather strap

Leather is a complicated and sensitive material that needs periodical management and caution. To maintain the genuine quality of the leather for a long time, please avoid the following:

Contact(excess moisture) to water

Excessive exposure to moister(factor that changes shape and color)

Over exposure to sunlight (factor that degrades the quality and color of the leather)

Contact to cosmetics and other oily substances(can leave specks on the leather)

Use soft towel to clean leather strap.