Service Information

Watch is a sophisticated product that needs special attention and maintenance.

It needs regular maintenance because it works 365 days a year without resting a single second.
You’re recommended to have regular and general check-ups every 2 and 5 years.
AMY EUJENY revives the function and restores the design of the watch through know-hows of its technicians.
The whole process is as sophisticated as giving life. After each check-up, your warranty will be extended for 12 months.

Regular Check-up Service

Regular check-up is the most basic way to diagnose the current condition and to preserve the technical quality of the watch. Most of the process is to prevent or improve exterior problems other than scratches; it contains processes such as checking of the waterproof function, case and internal cleaning, movement inspection and modification. Basic regular check-up doesn’t include polishing; so, in order to remove outer scratches, it needs to be done together with separate polishing. If any fundamental repair is required within the movement; it will be done after the approval of the owner. In order to enjoy the product in its initial condition for a long time, we recommend you to get regular check-ups every 2 years.

General Check-up Service

General check-up is a very sophisticated and delicate process to inspect the current condition of the watch. It starts from disassembling and cleaning the watch and its movements. All the processes are closely supervised by watch experts of AMY EUJENY. After cleaning, the movement will be rearranged and under the strict standards of AMY EUJENY, it will undergo functional tests. Polishing is not included in the process of general check-ups. Polishing is separately required in order to remove external scratches of the case. To enjoy the product in its initial condition, we recommend you to get regular check-ups every 5 years.

Polishing Process

Polishing service will remove scratches from your watch and recapture its initial brilliance. Polishing process might slightly cut off the surface of the watch metal. Not more than 7 polishing processes are recommended in your entire period of use. Deep scratches might be impossible to remove.

Strap Replacement

Straps when used for a long time are exposed to sudden changes of temperature, over exposure to water, and various external impacts and contaminations. Contact to human skin is also an inevitable factor of damage. All straps undergo abrasion and loss it’s leathery brilliance over time; it’s not easy to maintain its initial condition. It needs continuous maintenance in order to preserve the quality status of the strap, Please visit the closest AMY EUJENY boutique to have your strap checked up. The 12 month extension of warranty will be provided from the date of check-up. Warranty will be removed under misuse, abuse or careless use of the user as well as dysfunctions caused by any disassembly or repair of an unauthorized party.